Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Purpose: To provide leadership within the SCJ by promoting a safe, positive, and nurturing environment within the school and classroom. This is done by creating and promoting events to foster the spirit of diversity and inclusion. In addition to engaging community members through training and conversation, the DEI Committee develops practices to recruit, support, promote and retain community members with diverse experiences. Another function of the committee is to assess SCJ policies and climate with an equity mindset; and to identify and share resources that contribute to the development of an inclusive environment and experience holistically.


College of Social Science Code of Conduct

The University Bylaws for Academic Governance provide the system for participation by faculty and students in the development of policy on academic matters. Within that framework, the following Bylaws for Academic Governance set out the structures and procedures for participation by the faculty and students of the College of Social Science in the development and implementation of College policies.

Standing committee general procedures: “Standing committees are encourage to call on faculty, students, and administrators, including minorities and women, who have special expertise on matters under discussion for the perspective such individuals can bring to the discussion” (PDF17/26, pp. 13).

The Committee for Equity, Inclusion and Justice adheres to the SCJ Code of Conduct and works to promote the resolution of conflict or grievances by providing direction to appropriate channels for conflict resolution.

We acknowledge and adhere to the Faculty Handbook statement on Tolerance and Civility and as stated above help guide the individual to the appropriate channels for resolving issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


List of DEI Resources