Travis Carter

Travis  Carter
  • PhD Student
  • School of Criminal Justice
  • BS 2019, University of Iowa


Curriculum Vitae


Travis is a Doctoral Student studying Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. His research interests include examining and visualizing the spatial concentration of homicide and violent crime in communities. In addition, he is interested in the implications for crime as they relate to collateral consequences of imprisonment for communities. Lastly, he is interested in examining the situational context of violent offending and offender-decision making processes. Travis had the opportunity to assist policy-evaluation research on criminal legal sentencing practices in a small midwestern county over the course of 2016-2017. Travis also published an undergraduate honors thesis in the University of Iowa’s Institutional Repository. The purpose of the thesis was to examine offender decision-making processes and alcohol-related violence. He earned honors in the Criminology, Law, and Justice major at the University of Iowa in 2019.