Tiana Gaudette

Tiana  Gaudette
  • PhD Student
  • School of Criminal Justice
  • MA 2019, Simon Fraser University
  • BA 2016, Simon Fraser University
  • 134 Baker Hall
  • 655 Auditorium Rd.
  • East Lansing, MI 48824
  • (517) 355-6653


Curriculum Vitae

International CyberCrime Research Centre


Tiana Gaudette is a PhD student in the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University and a Research Associate at the International CyberCrime Research Centre at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Tiana’s research interests broadly include terrorists’ and extremists’ use of the internet, right-wing extremism and terrorism, online deviance, gender, preventing violent extremism, and research methods. Her work has been published in New Media & Society, Terrorism and Political Violence, and Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, as well as in several edited book collections. Tiana earned an MA in Criminology from SFU.


Criminological Perspectives on the Toronto 18

Year: 2021 Authors: Gaudette, T., Davies, G., & Scrivens, R. Journal: Manitoba Law Journal

Upvoting extremism: Collective identity formation and the extreme right on Reddit

Year: 2020 Authors: Gaudette, T., Scrivens, R., Davies, G., & Frank, R. Journal: New Media & Society

The Role of the Internet in Facilitating Violent Extremism: Insights from Former Right-Wing Extremists

Year: 2020 Authors: Gaudette, T., Scrivens, R., & Venkatesh, V. Journal: Terrorism and Political Violence

Combating Violent Extremism: Voices of Former Right-Wing Extremists

Year: 2019 Authors: Scrivens, R., Venkatesh, V., Bérubé, M., & Gaudette, T. Journal: Studies in Conflict & Terrorism