Julie Krupa

Julie  Krupa
  • Assistant Professor
  • School of Criminal Justice


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Julie Krupa is an Assistant Professor in the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. She received her PhD from the University of South Florida and was a Post-Doctoral Scholar in the MSU School of Criminal Justice prior to her current appointment. Her primary research interests focus on the intersection between public health and juvenile justice, addressing unmet youth treatment needs, juvenile delinquency, and program evaluation. Dr. Krupa and colleagues are working with criminal justice officials and community partners in the Detroit and Flint areas on several violence reduction initiatives including Ceasefire and Project Safe Neighborhoods.

Current Research

LEAD Opioid Diversion Study:

Funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) the Law Enforcement Assisted Division (LEAD) Opioid Diversion study and is a pre-booking diversion program for individuals arrested on narcotics and other related charges. This project directly links individuals with comprehensive services (e.g., substance use treatment, housing, employment).

North Flint Revitalization Initiative:

The North Flint Revitalization initiative is a community-based crime reduction project focusing on micro-spots within the North Flint area. A Cross-Sector Partnership has been formed to engage different stakeholder groups - business owners, homeowners, and renters - to address both violent and property crime through various strategies such as blight elimination, job training, and community policing efforts.

Detroit Community-Based Crime Reduction Initiative:

Funded by BJA, Detroit CBCR seeks to reduce crime in select micro-hotspots in the Eastside of Detroit by directly addressing crime through enforcement strategies and by addressing underlying causes of crime. The project seeks to engage local residents and community agencies in shaping and sustaining crime prevention and revitalization efforts and connects residents to workforce development opportunities.

Areas of Expertise

  • Juvenile Corrections
  • Causes and Correlations of Juvenile Delinquency
  • Program Evaluation
  • Juvenile Justice


Examining the Personal and Perceived Organizational Characteristics Associated with Juvenile Probation Staff Job Satisfaction

Year: 2021 Authors: Krupa, J.M. Journal: Criminal Justice & Behavior

An Exploratory Structural Equation Model of Traumatic Experiences Among Justice-Involved Youth: A Gender Comparison

Year: 2020 Authors: Dembo, R., Krupa, J.M., Faber, J., Cristiano, J., Wareham, J., Schmeidler, J., & Terminello, A. Journal: Criminal Justice & Behavior

The Individual-Level Deterrent Effect of "Call-In" Messages on the Time Re-Arrest

Year: Forthcoming Authors: Circo, G., Krupa, J.M., McGarrell, E.F., & DeBiasi, A.* Journal: Crime & Delinquency

An Examination of Gender Differences in Bullying Among Justice-Involved Adolescents

Year: 2019 Authors: Dembo, R., Krupa, J.M., Faber, J., Cristiano, J., Wareham, J., Schmeidler, J., Terminello, A., & Diclemente, R. Journal: Deviant Behavior

Noxious Housing: The Influence of Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Facilities on Neighborhood Crime

Year: 2019 Authors: Krupa, J.M., Boggess, L., Chamberlain, A., & Grubesic, T. Journal: Crime & Delinquency