Wally Wojciechowski

Wally  Wojciechowski
  • Assistant Professor (Fixed-Term)
  • School of Criminal Justice
  • PhD 2018, University of Florida
  • MA 2016, University of Florida
  • BA 2012, Central Michigan University


Curriculum Vitae

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Wally Wojciechowski is an assistant professor with the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice. Dr. Wojciechowski is a life-course criminologist focused on understanding the development of social, psychological, and behavioral outcomes of interest and identifying risk and protective factors that drive differential development. While this research has spanned across multiple public health and criminological domains, Dr. Wojciechowski’s substantive expertise mainly lies in the areas of mental health, substance use, and violence. His research also mainly focuses on adolescent development and the transition from adolescence into emerging adulthood within these domains.

Dr. Wojciechowski is also an accomplished methodologist with expertise in quantitative methods, program evaluation, and longitudinal data analysis specifically. He has published innovative research focused on understanding mediation processes, identifying heterogeneity in longitudinal patterns of outcomes, and age-graded differences in salience of relationships. Dr. Wojciechowski also has a strong history of conducting evaluations of programs and constructing evaluation plans for intervention and promotive programs in Michigan and Florida.

Areas of Expertise

  • Substance Use and Abuse
  • Program Evaluation
  • Mental Health and Illness
  • Human Development
  • Violence


The Dual Mediating Roles of Self-Control and Emotion Regulation of the Borderline Personality Disorder-Violence Relationship: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Year: 2021 Author: Wojciechowski, T.W. Journal: Journal of Forensic Sciences

Relevance of the Dual Systems Model for Predicting Drug/Alcohol Dependence in Early Adulthood Among Previously Adjudicated Young Adults

Year: 2021 Author: Wojciechowski, T.W. Journal: Drug and Alcohol Dependence

The Relevance of the Dual Systems Model for Social Learning Theory: Testing for Moderation Effects

Year: 2021 Author: Wojciechowski, T.W. Journal: Criminal Justice and Behavior

Antisocial Personality Disorder as a Predictor of Polydrug Use: A Longitudinal Study of the Dual Mediating Roles of Deviant Peer Association and Self-Control Among Juvenile Offenders

Year: 2021 Author: Wojciechowski, T.W. Journal: Journal of Mental Health

The Relevance of Hostility and Self-Control as Mediators of the Relationship Between Antisocial Personality Disorder and Offending

Year: 2020 Author: Wojciechowski, T.W. Journal: Crime & Delinquency