Introducing The Police Staffing Observatory

March 6, 2023

Recruitment and retention is one of the key difficulties police agencies are currently facing with many police agencies and jurisdictions across the country reporting personnel shortages. Dr. Jeremy Wilson has created The Police Staffing Observatory (PSO) to address staffing issues and promote evidence-based police workforce research, strategy, and operations.

The Police Staffing Observatory is a collaborative effort consisting of over two dozen researchers and practitioners working together to advance police workforce knowledge and application through innovative research and collaboration between researchers and practitioners in the field.

The collaboration will fuel more police staffing science that is rooted in partnership between researchers and practitioners. The PSO team additionally hopes that the collaboration will advance the use of evidence-based strategies to build police workforces that most effectively meet the needs of the communities they are meant to serve.

“The police staffing crisis is complex, dynamic and global. We are thrilled to help assemble so many of the world’s leading police workforce experts who are seeking to understand the challenges, develop the science to address them, and work with practitioners to put lessons into practice. Through its facilitation of research and outreach, the Police Staffing Observatory is a community of science that ultimately serves as a valuable resource for the community of practice.”Dr. Jeremy Wilson.


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