Strategic Plan

Core Values

  • Excellence in Education and Research
  • Commitment to the Highest Ethical Standards
  • Collaboration Across Disciplines and Professions
  • Commitment to Equity, Inclusion, and Justice


Goal Areas

Research Excellence

  • Anchor Our Interdisciplinary Identity in Research
  • Form or Enhance Research Hubs to Complement our Interdisciplinary Identity and to Build Collective Strength
  • Enhance Our Scholarly Reputation

Learning and Persistence (Undergraduate)

  • Improve Undergraduate Learning and Persistence

Learning and Persistence (Graduate)

  • Increase Professional Credentials and Quality Placement of Graduate Students


  • Maintain Commitment to Inclusion Through the Work of Our Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Committee
  • Increase Underrepresented Minority Student Enrollment in Graduate Degree Programs
  • Enhance Quality of the Student Experience by Strengthening Their Relationship With the School

Community Engagement

  • Relationship Cultivation and Management
  • Engagement with External Constituents (Alumni and Policy Makers)
  • Expand Relationships with Employers and Internship Providers
  • Advisory Board