Deck The Baker Halls

December 8, 2018

To celebrate the Holiday season, and in the spirit of friendly competition, the School of Criminal Justice held its first Holiday Door Decorating Contest. In total, eighteen doors were decorated, thirty-six ballots were cast, and three awards were handed out for the categories of Most Original, Best Holiday Theme, and Best Visual Impact. The event brought out the creative side of the schools' faculty, staff, and graduate students. Congratulations to all of the winners - we look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for next year!


The Award for Most Original was granted to Dr. Cait Cavanagh

Most Original Door

The Award for Best Holiday Theme was granted to a group of our graduate students: Erica Dalzell, Kayla Hoskins, Spencer Lawson & Jennifer Paruk

Best Holiday Theme Door

The Award for Best Visual Impact was granted to Dr. Sanja Kutnjak

Best Visual Impact Door