With COVID and online schooling, I was doubting myself and if Criminal Justice was still what I wanted to pursue. Having [a survivor] come in and share their story, and tell us how important we are, by saying we are the future and that we are the voices for these victims, it reassured me that this is why I was set on this path.

I gained experience not only from my professors and the detectives we worked with but also from my classmates, guest speakers, and environmental immersion. The most beneficial thing I've gained is learning to just run at a problem/case; you're not looking for a specific answer.

The opportunity to witness and take part in applicable police work, to be exposed to law enforcement investigations for six months is a huge advantage for the academy.

This experience exposed me to real-life police work, along with working with law enforcement professionals, where I have never had the chance to form relationships with before. This experience benefits my future in so many ways, but I think the most important point is that it gave me hope for the future, and exposed me to what my future would be like.