Override Requests

On occasion, overrides are given to students who need to take a course that is full, are missing the prerequisite coursework, are not a criminal justice major, or request a course that is restricted based on the student’s class level. Every department on campus takes care of its own overrides, so the School of Criminal Justice cannot give overrides to other courses outside of Criminal Justice. If you need an override outside of Criminal Justice, contact the department offering the desired course to find out the override procedure for that particular department.

Overrides will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Nonmajors will not be issued overrides to enroll in CJ courses until after the scheduled enrollment period is over. Overrides for nonmajors will be granted on a space-available policy. You will be notified as to whether the override was granted. If the override is granted, you may need to enroll yourself in the course.

To request an override, fill out this override request form.