2023 Honorees

Dr. Ed Banks

Photo of Dr. Ed Banks, inductee into the 2023 School of Criminal Justice Wall of Fame.Dr. Ed Banks has had an extensive career in Juvenile and Criminal Justice. Earning his bachelor’s and graduate degrees from MSU, laid the groundwork for Dr. Banks to pursue a variety of roles that shaped the justice system at the State and Federal Level. Since 2008, Dr. Banks has worked for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) where he has served as a Senior Policy Advisor, Senior Advisor to the Director of the National Institute of Justice, and Director of the Policy Analysis Unit at DOJ’s Office of Legal Policy. Dr. Banks attributes his success to the mentorship received at MSU and advises students to passionately champion a cause within the Criminal Justice System.

Hermina Kramp

Steve K. FrancisHermina Kramp, born in Detroit to German immigrants from Romania, was deeply influenced by her upbringing in a culturally diverse city. Inspired to serve the public, her path in law enforcement was sparked during a school Career Day. Hermina pursued a Criminal Justice degree at Michigan State University, leading to a vital role with the MSU Police Department. She later joined the Michigan Law Enforcement Officer Training Council (MCOLES) in 1987, contributing significantly as a curriculum developer and eventually serving as Deputy Executive Director. Now retired, Hermina is an avid traveler and bird watcher, continually advocating for open-mindedness and the value of diverse perspectives.

Dr. Justin Patchin

Photo of Dr. Justin Patchin, inductee into the 2023 School of Criminal Justice Wall of FameDr. Justin Patchin is a Professor at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire. After completing his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, Dr. Patchin furthered his education at MSU where he earned a Master's Degree and Doctoral Degree in Criminal Justice with a focus on Juvenile Delinquency Prevention. Now at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, Dr. Patchin balances teaching with research, drawing on his MSU experiences to inspire his students to value research and explore various educational pathways.

William Wilson

Photo of William Wilson, an inductee into the 2023 School of Criminal Justice Wall of Fame.William Wilson was fascinated with detective tales and justice stories as a child. This led him to the University of Illinois as a pre-med student, but a discovery of Michigan State University's Criminal Justice course catalog shifted his focus to Forensic Science. William's career spanned multiple disciplines in Forensic Science, including roles as an Expert Witness and a Medicolegal Death Investigator in Cook County. He also contributed to educating future forensic experts as an Adjunct Professor and guest instructor. William's career, marked by continuous learning and self-improvement, exemplifies his advice to students: embrace learning and strive to be your best.

Distinguished Faculty Inductee

Dr. Mahesh Nalla

Photo of Dr. Mahesh Nalla, inductee into the 2023 School of Criminal Justice Wall of Fame.Dr. Mahesh Nalla had an early exposure to educational radio programs while growing up in rural India that ignited a passion for learning. A chance encounter with a Criminal Justice book redirected Dr. Nalla's career and prompted him to pursue a Masters and Doctorate in Criminal Justice at the State University of New York at Albany. His tenure at MSU has been marked by significant contributions, including pioneering the world's first Online Master's Program in Criminal Justice. His work extends globally, notably through the United Nations Firearms Violence Reduction Project and as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Comparative & Applied Criminal Justice.